Editing Services

Have you ever read an article or announcement that just didn’t make sense? Have you ever read through sales and promotional material you’ve gotten in the mail from a business, found glaring errors or been confused by the message and thought, “I’m not sure I’d want to go with a company that doesn’t check its work carefully”? Then you understand that hiring a professional editor is money very well spent.

An editor does much more than check your spelling. She can make sure that your message has been conveyed clearly and effectively and that your copy is accurate and correct. In the case of fiction, careful editing ensures that there is continuity in the plot, that the characters are well developed, that there are no problems with point of view and much more.

Everyone needs an editor because if you have written something, you are accustomed to seeing it that way and may not perceive that there is a problem. Let me help you perfect your copy or manuscript. There are several different kinds of editing at different levels of intensity depending on the individual project. Email me to discuss your needs.