How It Works

Fees and Initial Consultation:

I offer a wide variety of services, and each project is different and unique.
Therefore, on our first consultation, we will discuss your project and needs
thoroughly. I will use that information to determine an estimate for your
specific project. To facilitate this process, please include in your initial email
as detailed a description of your project and needs as possible, including a
word or page count and an estimate of when you will need the project
completed. Copy editing clients should send the full document to be edited.
Clients with full-length manuscripts may send the first two pages
(8½ x 11, double-spaced, 12 pt. font), which I will edit at no charge and return.
This will allow me to gauge the time and effort that will be required for the project
and to create your quote. It will also allow you to determine if you are comfortable
with my editing style and if you would like to contract me for the job.

If you are requesting a quote for, or more information about, my other
non-writing-related services, please include as much information about your
needs as possible in the contact form.

Service Agreement and Billing:

Estimates are valid for 15 days from the date sent or mailed.
If you decide to use my services for your project, I will then send a written
service agreement detailing the parameters of the project and payment information.
Contracting and billing for other services will work similarly, but payment
may be required on a per-call basis, as in the case of tutoring.


Methods of Payment: PayPal or credit card. Under certain circumstances, a verified check may also be accepted.

Late Payment: Payments delayed 30 days or more will result in the
assessment of late fees.

Payments delayed 60 days or more will be referred to a collection agency.